Scarecrows and Bogs!

Had a lovely day out today in nice sunshine and blue skies.  We decided to go to Dersingham Bog which is near King’s Lynn, Norfolk.  It was very, very beautiful.  Dersingham Bog  is part of the Sandringham Royal Estate and there are 159 hectares of  lowland heath and peatland.  There was a boardwalk for people with wheelchairs or pushchairs or you could  take a more rugged walk over the heathland.  The gorgeous purple heather was out and looked spectacular.  We also saw plenty of wildlife which was a miracle considering we had Lucy!  But we saw about five green woodpeckers, lots of monarch butterflies, a snake and one deer.

After our long walk we went to the Wolferton Scarecrow Festival as we had to park our car there as the bog car park was closed because of the festival!!  It was excellent.  You walked around the village which was closed off to cars and it was like a village fayre with scarecrows in just about everyone’s gardens and all over the place.  Its got a lovely railway station,  Wolferton station, which is situated 5 miles from King’s Lynn on the North Norfolk Coast,  it became famous in the 1800’s through its association with the Royal Family who used the station because of its proximity to Sandringham House.

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