So much going on

Its been a hectic household round here the last few weeks with work and family dramas, one of  the best being that Alex passed his A Level exams and got the grades that he needed to get into Reading University to study Ancient History and Archaeology.The other great thing was Kimberley did brilliantly in her GCSE results yesterday and is definitely going to CNS Sixth Form in September.  She got four ‘A’ grades, four ‘A*’ grades and two ‘B’s.  One of the ‘B’s was in Art which I am very pleased about as she put so much effort into her final project (and used alot of my art supplies!) she will be able to pick up her final project soon from school so will make sure I take some photos of it.

Got alot of projects that i’m wanting to start and getting frustrated that don’t have time to do them at the moment, any spare time I have you will find me in my craft room.  I managed to finish colouring in this page last night, the idea came from someone else who once again i cannot remember who.

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