Have managed to finish putting together my ‘Feel’ journal, not done the journaling part yet have painted the tags just got to take a minute to sit down and do some writing, here are a few more pages.

Got plans for another journal using a Moleskin book (well I have got about nine of them as Waterstones had a 3 for 2 offier when I was in the city last week and I couldn’t resist).  In September there’s a class/workshop here on the 30 Days of List Blog.

I’m going to do my 30 Days of Lists in one of the journal books, decorating the pages using some of the techniques that Kirsty has taught us over the previous two courses (go here for Kirsty’s classes)  Kim’s designed me some large tags with lines on for the list making to make  things easier for me!

Hoping to get that started today after taking Lucy out for a walk somewhere nice.  She is doing very well now, this is her 11th week I think after her operation and she can now take longer walks every few days to build her muscles up and she is a happier dog.  Few more weeks and she’ll be flushing out birds again!    Might just visit Hobbycraft this afternoon to check theres nothing there that i need!!

Here’s a quick digital page that I’ve done using a couple of photos taken on our recent holiday to Spain.

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