A way to relax…

getting messy with paints and inks!!!  I’ve had alot of work lately and it continues still so when I have a spare half hour or so I’ve been trying to do some layouts of our holiday photos plus I’ve got a mini book and album layouts using Kim’s Prom photos to start and I started another Kirsty Wiseman journal class yesterday called ‘Feel’ which can be bought here.  This one is all about: 

So some of you may wonder what on earth is this all about?
Well it is NOTHING like the last class other than its in a Moleskine book and that you pocket it, just the same. It is texture heavy with quotes (per page) relating to happiness and painted/inked in the most beautiful colour combos. I totally want to make this online class the ultimate sensory experience with visual, touchable and emotional senses being explored in one fell swoop. 

I’ve done the first and second pages.  On the second page I used modeling paste instead of paint to make the circles and when they dry they will be textured.  The word in braille means ‘happiness’.

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