The Weekend

Its another long Bank Holiday weekend and as usual on these weekends the weather is not very nice, was planning on going somewhere with the camera today, looking for poppy fields for that ‘just right’ poppy photo but some blue skies would be good (fingers are  crossed).  Yesterday morning Lucy had her stitches out, took seconds for the vet to do that and she didn’t feel a thing, most of her tablets are finished except for her painkillers and we have to half them each day.  She is doing so well and is usually walking on all four legs with a slight limp which is great when you consider her knee is just held  together by a metal plate at the moment until the bone heals which it will with 6-8 weeks of no exercise.  Unfortunately she thinks she’s back  to normal and is crazing me already to go for a walk!!!!

Going to try and get some crafting done over the next couple of days, I’m doing an online craft course called ‘Create 10 Embellishments’ which started Friday and not even had a chance to look at it yet, details are here.  Very good value for only £5.00.  I’ve done a couple of these courses before and they are very good.  This is a page from the mini book course I did making the layered embellishments.

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