Not a happy dog!!

We picked Lucy up from the vets after her operation on Saturday morning.   The nurse brought her out to us and couldn’t believe that she was actually walking on all four legs for a little bit and also couldn’t believe how much they shaved off her fur!!  She  came home loaded with more drugs – painkillers, anti biotics and tablets to take down swelling.  She spent a very uncomfortable weekend where she seemed in lots of pain and couldn’t settle, lots of crying and moaning (her, not me!!!) but by Sunday night she was hopping outside on her own for a wee (we had been carrying her out before then not just for the fact that she wouldn’t walk but to get to our grass there are lots of steps).  You can’t see the stitches on this photo as they are on the inside but it s a long scar.  We have to take her back to the vets tomorrow for another check up.  At the moment she’s not trying to lick the wound so we don’t have to put the plastic collar on, going to be a slow recovery.  We’ve had to put a stairgate up so she can’t follow me upstairs like she usually does and have to discourage her from jumping on the chairs and sofa etc, hoping things will be a little easier when the stitches come out.    Not managed to do anything all weekend as Lucy just wanted me to sit with her so hoping to do abit of tidying up sometime today with Kim on dog care duty!!!

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