Topsy Turvy Week

Been a funny week so far and its only Tuesday!  Lucy has been booked in to have a knee operation this Friday, she’s damaged her cruciate ligament in her back left leg and the vet has advised surgery, the injury has been going on for a year or so now and is only getting worse.  She goes in Friday has the op in the afternoon and comes home sometime on Saturday and then has EIGHT weeks of recuperation at home, which means NO WALKS at all for those weeks and after that we start off with five minute walks each day to build her muscles back up.  We have to keep her downstairs so we will have to put the kiddies stairgate back up and she’s only allowed on the lead to go out for a wee, so no unneccessary walking – wish me luck could be a long eight weeks.  That said, Sunday night she was sick and we thought she had another bout of gastro and that the surgery might be cancelled,  but this afternoon she seems to be getting back to normal.

Today i’ve been getting some classes ready for tomorrow where I am teaching a scrapbooking class at Hellesdon Library as its Adult Learners Week this week and alot of libraries are doing things  so go check out the libraries website, here.    I got sidetracked when I was sorting things out and finished the above layout!!!  No a good photo as its very dark and miserable here at the moment.

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