Easter Extravaganza!!


Had a very busy afternoon at my Easter Crop yesterday, lots of ladies came along to join in the celebrations and to eat lots of cupcakes and hot cross buns and to  craft, of course!!  We had Lisa, a Stampin Up Consultant (blog here) doing an Easter Card workshop (the photo of the card is from Lisa’s blog) which was very good to do and the colours are gorgeous.  I did my little mini book demo and we had a few Easter themed games like Easter Egg Hunt which turned out to be so funny with everyone trying to find the paper Easter eggs hidden round the hall!  Thanks  to Kim and Mum for going round and putting them all up!!  I did a game where I would shout  out ‘the first person to bring me’ and suggest an item like a glue stick and the first one to bring me that item wins a prize.  This went down well and got quite competitive!!

Today is a day of tidying up, selling some plants we’ve got in the front garden while we tidy the front garden and fingers  crossed some crafting!!  Back in a while with some photos I took of the cupcakes Kim and I baked and decorated for the club yesterday!!

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