Misty Tuesday

Had a busy weekend, again!  Worked all day Saturday and then  came home and made some cupcakes with Kim, but I was good and didn’t eat any!!  Sunday Kim and I went into the city to do some clothes shopping as Kim was fed up as she has been working very hard for weeks now on homework and revision etc so a day off was called for.  We had a lovely time, did some shopping, stopped at Starbucks, did some more shopping!!  My bargain of the day was the  display unit as shown above.  We went into a shop in the Royal Arcade thats closing down and this was one of their displays so I cheekily asked if it was for sale and the owner said yes would I mind paying £5.00 for it!!!!    Its in a lovely cream colour and in excellent condition, not sure yet what to put in it, whether to put my punches/tools in it or make it a display unit, will have to have a good think.

Our walk this morning was done in the mist and fog which was very nice, makes for some different photos.

Bought some lovely new Crate paper last week, the Emmas Shoppe ones so am itching to start using it but will have to wait till I have a day free from work to get stuck in, got a few ideas for my art journal as well.

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